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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Hacking Someone's Facebook Password Using Some Software Or Website? No Sir You Can't!

facebook hacking
Do you know there are over thousands of websites and software that claim to hack Facebook password of any account? They'd ask you the victim's profile ID, maybe your credentials and some money too and will reportedly tell you the password which, to be honest, never works. Ever wonder why? Let me tell you why, they're FAKE! They're a scam which tricks you somehow in losing your money or your own Facebook account. Just give it a thought, why would Zuckerberg and his team spend Billions of Dollars on Facebook if one could hack it in less than a minute? Today, we'll take a look at this topic in detail with some example websites and software and get answers to some common related questions.

Back in 2005, I came across a mechanism that reportedly hacked Yahoo mail password for a user using some simple tricks. It didn't work for me for obvious reasons but I didn't stop believing the possibility until I grew up to realize how helpless I am here. One of the major concerns of large organizations like Facebook and Yahoo is security because of the super sensitive information about people they have. Several hundred million dollars are spend yearly by these organizations to ensure security and then there's these websites that claim to undo all that protection in less than a minute.

The Facebook password cracking Websites and Software

Let's start with some examples here. I googled the subject and picked the top results without order. Didn't care to search harder because there are thousands such and I know that all are FAKE.

So let's look at this GETFBHACK.com.
hacking facebook password
Their FREE Facebook hacker program is said to be capable of cracking the password of any Facebook user within a day. Sounds cool, I could try it out, but my Norton Antivirus rejected the file straight away.

I also picked up another one. This Hack-Fbook-Password asks me to enter the profile ID of a user and it will crack the password. I said Okay and began the process.
facebook hacking
It ran certain algorithms to determine the password and finally landed me on a page that said I could DOWNLOAD the password IF I fill an online survey first. Those of you who've been redirected to surveys would know they don't work and are put just so to get traffic and earn money.

I said maybe I should leave the website now but hey, they gave me a prize!
hacking facebook

So I just became the luckiest person in my city just like that!

Now tell me, how can a sane person believe in all this?

The truth!

Let me get this straight to you, these websites do nothing at all just waste your time and are never able to do the job. In fact, downloaded programs just make the situation worse when you run them. I had my Norton Antivirus to guard me otherwise I could be in severe danger currently.

These software are mostly keyloggers and tracking programs that record your keystrokes and action and steal personal information from your computer in the background and send it to their master servers. So ultimately a hacker wannabe gets hacked, how ironic!

From now on in the post, I'll be using the word 'Hacker' for these websites and software since you're no more in the position to be called that.

Why do these 'Hackers' do all that?

facebook hack
Setting up websites, maintaining them and developing software is not an easy task. It requires some money. So why do these 'hackers' do all the hassle? It's because they get equivalent or more money in return. They can extract your credit card details and other banking info from your system and use it for their advantage. They can hack your account and use it for wrong purposes. Give me one reason why one wouldn't steal money and hack accounts for no loss.

Why people fall in their webs?

facebook hack
Why do people try to use such unreal hacking procedures? It's because it's unreal to me, it's unreal to you but not to those who are not much familiar with the working of a software. They get in the web of these hackers and eventually get screwed up pretty bad without consent.

The websites give guarantees and also portray their 'imaginary' happy customers so as to trick a reader. Such tactics are simple but really powerful and serves to their advantage in most cases. This is also why there are thousands of such websites available.

So is Facebook account an 'unbreakable fortress'?

facebook hacking
Well, NO. Facebook accounts can be hacked. No online service is foolproof and that is because of the flaws and bugs in their software. There are several ACTUAL hackers in the world who can analyse a website's security and use that against it thus making hacking a reality.

But I'm 100% sure none of them uses these scam and fake websites that claim to do the impossible. You can check out our hacking section to know more.

I'll end the 'lesson' with an idiom, "look before you leap". Focus, think and then follow. In case of any queries or confusions head over to the comments section. Cheers :)

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Edythe Ortega on 5 February 2014 02:44 said...

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Faraz ahmad on 24 February 2014 07:18 said...

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Thiru Kumaran on 9 March 2014 12:57 said...

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Haris Zamil on 28 March 2014 23:28 said...

Hi Admin , why this tool not work ? If I click START HACK the tool was not responding and "missing key files to complete " ? What should I do ? I have install setup and I have Keypass 2 . Please reply :)

Prakash Tiwari on 11 April 2014 06:15 said...

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Nayan Jyoti Gogoi on 14 May 2014 05:36 said...

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Zeeshan Qaisrani on 18 May 2014 07:30 said...

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Pandya Hitarth on 22 May 2014 02:13 said...

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Shubham Rai on 22 May 2014 05:41 said...

Thank u sir
U just saved my time........

raky samson on 22 May 2014 18:51 said...

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raza raza on 22 June 2014 14:27 said...

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