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Friday, 7 March 2014

Redirect To Any Website Using Google Url

Redirect Any Website Using Google Url
Today i will show you to make google link that redirects you to any webpage you wish. This url will start with www.google.com and followed with some characters and symbols. You can trick users to visit your site by changing your webpage url that look like google. As no one will doubt google. So lets get in to.

Working Demo

Visiting the below link you will be redirected to www.coolhackingtrick.com

How To Redirect Any Site From Google ?

1. Go to Google Redirect Exploit
2. Enter Your Url in the input box as shown below
Redirect Any Website Using Google Url
3. After entering the url click on submit and Google's url will be generated in the textarea as show below.
Redirect Any Website Using Google Url

4. Now you can use that url and upon visiting that url you will be redirected to your site.

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